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Rock Paper Scissors – Indie Brewery offers help to the Presidents for negotiations at Helsinki Summit.

”Let’s settle this like adults” beer and  coffee offers solution to dead end negotiations.

Kuopio based (400 kilometers north of Helsinki) microbrewery Rock Paper Scissors celebrates the meeting between President Putin and President Trump in a form of speciality coffee and craft beer. The two heads of Super States will arrive to Helsinki Summit on the 16th of July and microbrewery does not want to see important things not to be decided.

”Naturally we don’t offer this as a first solution for problem solving, but if there is a danger of a dead end, this is guaranteed way to solve issues.” says Samuli Huuhtanen, CEO of RPS Brewing Oy.

Despite the well-known fact that either of these two Presidents doesn’t like to drink beer, the brewery has decided to make an dry-hopped lager to celebrate this summit.

”Beer and specially lager beer is very universal drink. We want to offer an opportunity to people world wide to feel the atmosphere of this unique event by having lager beer in their home country.” explains Aki Railanmaa, Brewmaster of RPS.

Very limited amounts of coffee and beer will be shipped out mid next week, just in time for the eve of the summit.

Both Brewery and Roastery are making very limited amounts of beer and coffee. 10.000 bottles of beer and 160 bags of coffee only will be sold out very soon.

”We’re not sure whether it is these products or are people interested of this solution we are offering, but nevertheless, demand has surprised us big time.” wonders Chairman of the Board of RPS, Janne Seppälä.

Beers and coffees are available on the 11th of July and are available as long as they last.

Let’s Settle this like adults – Beer

Make Lager great again! “We know problemsolving, belive it when we say this, nobody knows it better than us. We know you have difficult decisions to make, you have indifferences to solve but remember… you can always settle things like adults, with Rock. Paper. Scissors.”

Our special edition Rock Lager: Single-hopped with Loral to showcase the full profile of the hop. Fresh and grassy tones. Truly an allday, everyday Lager. With notes of Northern Pherifery’s attitude! 

IBU 20 | EBC 6,0 | ABV 4,7%

Deliveries start on monday 9.7. Make your order now!

Who do you think would win and with which weapon of choice?


Let’s Settle this like adults – Coffee

Make Filter Coffee great again!

For the meeting rooms of the world, we are also offering speciality coffee also called ”Let’s settle this like adults”. From Irmas Pereira farm in Brazil, this coffee suites perfectly to these head of States.

”The roast of the coffee will be perfect, like we hope the results of this summit, will be” says Jesse Parkkali, Roastmaster and CEO of RPS Coffee excited.

Buy the coffee online at:

Buy with human interaction:

Q: How can you make sure that the Presidents knows how to play the game?
A: Only thing we can do is to explain the rules of the game. Knowing HOW to play takes years of training and we don’t know how much they have trained in the past. But we also have offered training session for both of the Presidents, if they feel like help is needed.
Q: What is the origin of Rock Paper Scissors as a name?
A: We founders go back a very long time. Rock Paper Scissors as a game has been our method to solve difficult and less difficult situations always. So it sort of solved this naming problem also. It is very deep in our DNA as persons, so it was natural choice of brand for us.
Q: Do you think the game RPS is a good game to settle high-level diplomatic negotiations?
A: We don’t offer this as a first choice of making decisions but if nothing else helps, then this is adult way to settle things.
Q: Neither of the Presidents are known for love for beer. Why did you decide to go with beer?
A: World peace is a universal thing. We want people all around the world to be able to be part of this great summit and feel the spirit. Ot the other hand, many times in big meetings people drink coffee. That’s why we made “Let’s settle this like adults” coffee.

You can find our beer from these stores later this week

The shipments have been made, should be in stores Tue-Wed.

Drinking out tonight? Beer is coming soon to these anameizink restaurants!

Come meet us at

Let’s settle this like adults – T-Shirt

Of course there is a T-Shirt.
It’s black with front and back prints.
Limited stock for regular and lady fit cuts.



We are able to do another 100 T-shirts, but that’s it, so be fast!

Our Beer and Coffee

The anameizink Antti Karppinen shot some great material for us

Designated Driver - Antti Karppinen for RPS Brewing
Inked - Antti Karppinen for RPS Brewing
The Bill - Antti Karppinen for RPS Brewing

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