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Our Brewmaster Aki wishes to produce tasteful but drinkable beer. Our beer is balanced, fresh and pure to the palette. And as we need a game in everything in life, our beer also can beat each other in different forms. In strength, freshness, body type, or else. Eventually the strength meets softness and cuddliness and is melted. You know the drill. #tastethegame


An All day, every day lager.

ABV 4,7% 

Dry-hopped Lager

Fresh, golden yellow  Lager with crisp dry-hopping. Amazingly drinkable. Drinkability A+, It’s true.



Rye Candy Red Ale

ABV: 4,7% & 5,2%

Red Ale with rye

Rye and sweetness balanced with light hops. Tastes like London.

Untappd 4,7% 

Untappd 5,2%


Indie Pale Ale

ABV 4,7% & 5,6%

IPA with pink grafruit.

Dry-hops, bitterness and citrus fruits combined into a beer that has the heart of American hops and Pink Grapefruit. Sweetness of malt with fruitiness of Pink Grapefruit.

Untappd 4,7%

Untappd 5,6%

Where can I get this beer?

Check out your local store (in Finland)! If you can’t find our products ask the store owner to get some.

Can get this to my store?

Yes! Just contact us.

Our Beer and Coffee

The anameizink Antti Karppinen shot some great material for us

Designated Driver - Antti Karppinen for RPS Brewing
Inked - Antti Karppinen for RPS Brewing
The Bill - Antti Karppinen for RPS Brewing
RPS Brewing Oy
RPS Coffee Roastery Oy

Siikaranta 3B,
70620 Kuopio,
Suomi Finland (Funland)


+358 400 229 227


Samuli +358 400 229 227,

Janne +358 440 620 722, 

Product enquiries and other contact

Feel free to hit us with a message.

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